Steve has worked at Petsmart (corporate) for a year and a half and the kids have never been to his office. They hosted a family party last week so we checked out his office before the party.

The kids were excited to finally meet the “family pet”, a.k.a., Urtle the Turtle. It is not surprising that the only pet we have stays at Steve’s office. But the kids proudly tell people that ask that our family has a pet turtle.

I noticed that the frames he took to work a year ago are still proudly leaning up against the window instead of hanging on the wall where they belong. I knew I should have brought a hammer with me!

I also noticed his candy jars are empty. Who wants to walk into an office with empty candy jars. He claims he just ran out, but that could mean 2 weeks ago, it could mean 4 months ago. Who knows!!

I came across this picture hanging on the wall and had to snap a picture of it.

What can I say, Steve is a reptile lover!

The office next door had a snake and a couple of lizards. Hunter was more than nervous and refused to get even remotely close. Hallie on the other hand was a willing participant. Her face proved she was nervous, but she held a steady hand.

By the time we had made the rounds and visited all of his co-workers offices, it felt like we had spent the afternoon at an aquarium- without the overpriced admission!

Can I reiterate how happy I am that the “family pet” stays at work. I love it. I’m sure the kids will go at least another year before feeling the itch to see Urtle again. How wonderful it is!