What started as an idea to shoot a monthly photo (similar to Hunter’s monthly photos) turned into something much more (thanks to inspiration from younghouselove.com)!

I remember walking through the fabric store with my mom right after Bennett was born and trying to choose a fabric that would be his first month photo. I decided that I better shoot his first month every week because they change so much in that first month, then I would shoot every month.

In the back of my mind I thought it would be fun to shoot every week. But I didn’t want the work that would go with it or the commitment of having to follow through. We hit the one month mark and the following Tuesday I pulled out another blanket/fabric and shot another photo, but I still wasn’t completely sold on doing it for a year. I think I got 10 weeks in and decided there was no turning back, I had to shoot this little guy every Tuesday for a year. For the most part I really looked forward to it each and every week. But there were plenty of days where I knew the second he woke up that I was not going to get the cute smiley photo I was hoping for. But some of the grumpy photos are my favorite!

One photo for every Tuesday for the first year of Mr. B’s life. I love it and I’m happy to say, that’s a wrap!