Hallie and Hunter have been as patient as any two young children could be as we waited for the pool to hit a decent temperature. Hunter asked to feel the pool every day. And every day he would tell me, “it’s not that cold.” Yet I had visions of our Milwaukee winters. The kids would beg and beg to play in the snow. I would gather all of their gear and get them all dressed up. Including the mittens which always included a child crying. After walking outside and stepping one boot in the snow, they would be ready to come inside.

I knew that pool water was going to be too cold for Hunter, Hallie could probably handle it. Sure enough. We located the suit, the rash guard, the goggles and applied sunscreen. He put his foot in and claimed it to be too cold. Go figure. Luckily we’ve had some warm weather the last two weeks and the pool is warmed to a sufficient temperature. (Not a temperature I will be jumping in anytime soon, but the kids don’t seem to mind!)

We’ve get triple digit weather all week long, I’m not alone when I say we’re excited that the pool is open!