Dear Hunter –

I love that you love to sit at the craft table for hours as you color and create cards for everyone you know. It warms my heart to see what little picture you craft for me. And as much as I love those sweet cards I don’t like it when you stick the broken crayons in your pocket. You have officially ruined two whole loads of clothing with your crayon tactics. Thank heavens crayola posts instructions on their website as to how to get crayon out. Unfortunately, the twistable crayons don’t have instructions and it doesn’t come out. But that’s okay, right? They’re just clothes. I will just have to pay a little more attention when throwing your shorts in the laundry. Better yet, I will just stop buying shorts with pockets, or even sew them shut. That might help out a bit. Either way, I’m hoping that I don’t send another silly crayon through the dryer.

On top of the that, I think I’ve officially banned you from using any scissors at least 7 times but you always seem to find a pair, you silly boy. I noticed yesterday that somehow those scissors (the ones you’re never supposed to touch) made their way to your hair yet again. For the third time to be precise. I give you credit on your accuracy, you’ve cut in the same exact location every time. It’s as if the scissors have a mind of their own. I know you wouldn’t do that willingly, I’m sure it’s the scissors fault. Of course, hair always grows back. But I’m not sure you’re aware that clothing doesn’t grow back. The two shirts you have cut, still have holes in them.

They will for a while.

Once again, that’s okay because I love that you make me cards.

Thank you-

Your loving, patient mother