This little one loves school. I mean, loves loves school. If she had a choice to go all summer, she would.

She’s one of those kids that comes home from school and immediately does her homework. Reads for fun. And feels compelled to start and finish every class project with one day of being assigned. She’s gets frustrated at times when I push off some of her projects when I know we have two weeks. Her famous line – “My teacher said we had to do it today, she really did.” She follows the teacher’s instruction exactly and never wavers.

The other day she came home from school and said, “I need to bring orange juice for the Mother’s Day program tomorrow.” I looked through her backpack and couldn’t find any paper that told her to bring the juice. But she insisted. So at 9:30 that night I went and bought juice and loaded down her backpack.

The next morning I went to the program and her teacher told me it was so funny to see Hallie pull out a gallon of juice from her backpack. Her teacher continued to explain that Hallie asked if she could bring something for the program, but her teacher already had it covered. That wasn’t good enough for Hallie, so she came home and told me she needed to bring juice.

I can’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth in regards to school.