My supportive husband decided to go shopping with me last weekend in hopes of ending my shopping woes. To all that know him, know this was a great sacrifice. In fact, greater than great. I’m not sure there are many activities he despises more than shopping.

He prefers I just purchase everything for him and then I can return as needed. Case in point: A while back, he had me buy a pair of pants for him. I bring them home, he tries them on, they don’t fit. I take them back and exchange them. Bring home new pants. They also don’t fit the way he’d like, so I take them back and exchange them. Bring home next pants, they don’t fit, take them back, exchange them. Bring home fourth pair of pants in a 3 months period, he likes them okay. Fortunately, he doesn’t send me back to the store with them, I considered this a win. 4 months later – I just found them under the bed with the tags still on them. Not so much a win.

My point is clear – for him to go willingly with me to the mall was big. We set out the game plan. Talked through the strategy as to what I was looking for. The stores we would hit up first in hopes of being successful. We were both jazzed.

First store- found the shorts I wanted and it was looking like it was going to be a good night. However, they couldn’t locate my size. Strike 1. But still in good spirits.

Walked through three more stores without anything promising and I was bummin’ all over again. Strike 2. But Steve was a great coach. He kept talking about the high-points of the stores reminding me that this was our night. (I can totally see him as the world’s greatest coach just a few years down the road!) Then I found one shirt. I loved it and it fit. Quickly closed the deal and felt a new high.

Then the high ended…three more stores that had promise, but once again couldn’t seem to locate my size. The last store we walked in was five minutes before closing and I quickly picked up a few things and felt great about them.

The night wasn’t a complete bust- Steve was much more enthusiastic thinking we had hit a homerun or something. I think he just wanted to make sure his task in helping me with my wardrobe was complete.

After he went to bed that night, I was trying on all the goods. Had total buyers remorse on a couple items and realized I ended the night with one solid piece. It was better than nothing. My wardrobe is going through what some would classify as a “rebuilding year”. Slow and steady.