Going to Idaho means family time and cooler weather. Much cooler. Usually by the time we go to Idaho, we’ve been in triple digits in Arizona and it rarely crosses my mind to pack anything for cooler weather. I’m lucky I threw in a sweatshirt for each of the kids just before leaving. We used them everyday for a whole week!

We spent some time in Rexburg with my entire family. My sister is finishing up her last semester there and so we brought the family to her. Steve and I are both graduates from there and I love going back to visit. We always drive by our first home and talk about the good ol’ days. We walk campus and notice all that has changed. The campus is in constant construction and there has been so much that has changed. Like the huge conference-like facility that can accomodate the entire student population. It was impressive.

I love to return to the Spori building where I worked and had all my classes. So many good memories.

We spent time playing tennis and playing at the park. (There never seems to be enough time to play all the tennis that we dream of playing.)

We visited a natural hot springs which was ideal when the temperature outside was 60 degrees.

My family has a variety of interests, and they are not always shared by all. Although Steve and I love tennis, not everyone does. And there are plenty of other activities that members of my family enjoy, but I don’t. So trying to come up with activities for a reunion that keeps everyone’s interests can be challenging. But I think we nailed it with the sand dunes. Everyone, including the children were involved and it was awesome.

We rented machines for an hour and spent time going up and down sand dune after sand dune. It was bumpy and crazy and we had a great time. Hunter loved it so much he fell asleep while out on the dunes. Pure exhaustion and fun; an activity enjoyed by all.

My sister’s fiance surprised her for the weekend which brought tears of joy. We stayed up late joking and laughing together. We ate and ate some more. We reunited and built relationships. We had, by all accounts, a successful reunion. It is great when four days with family doesn’t seem long enough…