After our reunion in Rexburg, Steve flew home while I drove the five hours with my sister-in-law and her children to my parents house. 6 young children in one car can be a little crazy – one hour into the drive I started questioning our decision to drive together. But we did it and each passing hour it got just a little easier.

At my parents house we enjoyed our free time. It was sprinklers and boating and playgrounds and parks and friends. It’s nice to step away from normal life every once in a while just for a bit. To allow my kids time in the house that I grew up in and for them to do the same things I did as a little kid. Hallie loved hearing stories from when I was a little girl. She wanted to know where my bed was, what hung on my walls, what books did I read. She loved the questions.

Hallie spent a lot of time at the piano. My mom taught her a song the first day we were there and I heard that song at least 10 times a day every day we were there. Towards the end of our stay my mom taught her an additional song and it was a relief!
The weather was more than enjoyable, especially compared to our Arizona triple digit weather. We spent a lot of time sitting in the grass and the kids got a kick out of the sprinkler. We only run through sprinklers once a year when we visit Idaho, so it’s always a treat.

Of course vacations aren’t always perfect…the kids don’t sleep in their beds, they wake too early, they don’t have their normal responsibilities and sometimes there are serious breakdowns.

Luckily we had more happy moments than anything

Our time passed much too quickly. I would’ve given anything to have another week, it’s never long enough! I’ve got to figure out next year how to get more time in Idaho. The kids and I are flexible, it’s Steve we need to work on!