Hallie brought home a flyer advertising the kindergarten drive-thru. Each kid was to make a cardboard car and bring it to the second to last day of school where they would watch Cars 2. As usual, Hallie is over the moon at a new project and demands we start on it right away. I’m not skilled in cardboard cars and even searches on the internet left me discouraged. Then I was even more discouraged that this was a project that would require much more me time than Hallie time.

It took over a week just to find the right sized box. We went for a simple body style because it took so long to find the box, we were running out of time. We ended up finishing up just before bedtime the day before the movie, which is totally out of character for me. But once again, this was new for me and it took longer than I thought it would.

Hallie had two requests – that it be pink, and it had to have a license plate. Luckily, her requests were easily managed. I took the car to school the morning of the drive-thru and I started seeing all the cars roll in. I was amazed at some of the details that went into these cars, not to mention the time that it had to take to make them. You could tell that some of these parents were on their fourth child and they had this cardboard car thing down.

I’ve made mental notes throughout the process and I’m sure with each kid my cardboard skills will be improved. You’ll see… Hunter’s car will have a great steering wheel and Bennett’s car is going to have functional spinners.

Maybe a better plan would be to save Hallie’s car and add on to it every year…you can call me resourceful!