This little kid tends to get into situations that I never found Hallie in. He’s curious. He’s energetic. He’s a risk taker. He is destructive. He is all boy.

I was helping him use the bathroom the other day. He was taking his time so I kept leaving and coming back to check on him. He finally finished and I instructed him to wash his hands and head to rest time. Within seconds, I didn’t hear the water running so I made my way back to the bathroom to remind him wash his hands. He was standing in the bathroom and gave me the exact look from this picture.

Completely mischievous. I asked a number of times what he was up to and he denied any wrong doing.

As he took one step to wash his hands I noticed the floor was wet. I peered around the toilet and it was really wet. Not like “I kinda missed the toilet wet” but more like “I wasn’t even aiming for the toilet” wet. He denied any wrong doing but his face told a completely different story and his feet were wet.

I still can’t figure out when he managed to make the mess- but what concerns me was him playing in it. The second I called him out on it, he made a dash for the door and ran out of the bathroom, with urine coated feet.

That kid keeps me on my toes and creates more work for me every single day he wakes up!