I’ve been on a purging/organizing kick lately. It started with Hallie’s drawers and closets – getting ready for school to start again and trying to clearly define what she indeed needed, if anything. This led to the game closet, and then the laundry room, then my closet, and then Bennett’s closet. Through my organizing, I realized there were several decor items that had been leaning against “their wall” since we moved in. I finally went around and hung up several items.

This process was energizing and I felt I could’ve tackled anything that came my way…almost. Friday morning I was rewarding myself with a trip to the local vintage market with friends. I figured since I finally hung up a few items, I could afford to purchase a couple more things to lean against the wall for a few months! I was so looking forward to the little outing – I rarely leave the house, so this was something to look forward to!

Just an hour before I was to leave Hunter, who had been complaining of a stomachache for quite a while, ralphed all over poor Bennett. He drenched him. My heart sank – there would be no trip to the market. Instead, I spent a long time cleaning and stroking a little boys warm head as he layed on the cold bathroom tile. There were a couple moments of discouragement that day…maybe more than a couple.

More than anything it made me antsy. I suddenly looked at my home as a slew of unfinished messes. Which, of course, is how Steve has viewed it for a while, but I’m much more optimistic than him! I have this grand master plan of how everything is going to come together, but it will take years and plenty of money to make it happen. So we take it one day and one project at a time.

I walked around the house with a notebook in hand and made my potential “build list”. We’ve got to collect/purchase/build more furniture to make some of these visions come to life. As a stay-at-home mom, who does graphic design for the majority of free time, crossing off things on the “build-list” could take a lifetime! But heaven knows I’ll try…

2 benches for the living room (here)

dining room table for formal space (here) (here)

Built-ins for the craft/mudroom (here)

headboard for guest room (here)

Bookcases for library/loft (here)

full size mirror for Hallie’s room

Full size mirror for Master

Patio table and benches (here)

Hunter’s bookshelf

Built-in living room media center


coffe table (here)

A girl can dream right…The biggest dilemma is what I should start building first. (as soon as the weather cools off a bit!) Oh the choices…

It’s amazing what a sick day can do to your “to-do” list!