A rainstorm in Arizona is rare – But when one comes it is fantastic. Monsoon season is something I look forward to every year. We like to stand outside on the porch and watch it fall, creating small ripples with every drop in the pool. The ground being so dry soaks up every bit of water it can.

Hallie watched from the porch and she casually held her hand out from the cover to feel the rain. Before too long she was walking just along the roof line, enough that her feet would get wet, but her body stayed relatively dry. With wet feet she was inching her way out further and further into the yard. She came back to the cover and said how fun it would be to jump on the trampoline in the rain.

I surprised her by agreeing she should go jump. She shot back, “But I’m in my clothes…” Well then your clothes are going to get wet. She waited for an objection. None. Knowing she would get nice and dirty we removed the nice clean white sweater and she darted out into the yard.

She squealed with joy with each bounce, almost losing her footing with each jump. Hunter saw how much fun she was having so he ran out as well. He climbed up, jumped once and realized it wasn’t as much fun as Hallie had made it look. He quickly returned back to cover. Instead he held his arm out to feel the rain.

It reminded me of the last time they were jumping in the rain two years ago – when Hunter thoroughly enjoyed himself!