Years ago I had this vision to have an oversized alphabet wall. I started collecting random letters as I found them and didn’t get very far. We moved. We didn’t have a house, but I started finding more letters I liked, so I started purchasing again, totally forgetting what I already had in storage.

We finally move-in and I had all sorts of random letters, of course with a couple duplicates. I had to find a couple more to finish off the alphabet, but all the letters were there. I arranged and hung them on the wall and left them that way for quite a while. Once a week, or two, or three I would take one letter off the wall and paint it or do something special with it. So after three months on the wall I was a good 2/3 actually complete. Then of course I lived with it long enough that I started repainting letters and redoing things. And as complete as it is today, it’ll still probably change.

In fact, Steve just informed me he doesn’t like the ruler for the “I”. He has impecable timing with his advice and critique. So my eyes are open for a new “I”, it may or may not change. We’ll see what I can find.

But for now:

It takes up a lot of space in our playroom 8’x7′ but it’s on a huge wall so it works. Here’s a list of where I purchased each letter and the treatment I used.

A- Joann’s – painted and applied avery white circle labels (2 1/2″)

B- Hobby Lobby

C- Hobby Lobby – covered in yarn

D- Joann’s – painted

E- Marshalls

F- Amazon – used glitter

G- Urban Outfitters

H- Pottery Barn Kids – covered in scrapbook paper

I- Ruler

J- Urban Outfitters

K- Roberts Crafts – Covered in scrapbook paper

L- Joanns (paper mache) – hot glued pencils and cut them off using a dremel tool

M- Urban Outfitters

N- Hobby Lobby

O- Embroidery hoop with fabric

P- Joanns – painted, attached felt flowers

Q- Wal-mart – covered with paper torn from old book

R- Hobby Lobby

S- Roberts Crafts

T- Hobby Lobby

U- Hobby Lobby – used glitter

V- Joanns – tore fabric strips and attached

W- Urban Outfitters

X- Hobby Lobby

Y- Amazon – glued tissue paper to it

Z- Joanns – painted