We just enjoyed a historically cool fourth of July as far as Arizona standards are concerned. With a high of 91 degrees, we had the coolest fourth of July in over 100 years. And we spent over 8 hours outside enjoying it.

We started with a bike ride:

I’m loving that Hallie has the leg endurance that we can go on slightly longer rides as a family!

We had some time before our next activity so Steve started some necessary insect control in the yard. We’ve been seeing some cockroaches and Steve was bound and determined to end their lives. I wish more than anything I had video of what took place next. As he sprayed the area, cockroaches came flooding out of the hole. It was the dance that they all did as they tried stomping them to death that had me rolling. They were out there for a good 30 minutes spraying and stomping and spraying and stomping. It was a blood bath!

Afterwards, Steve went on an additional ride with the two older kids and they were accompanied by a nice rain storm.

We spent the next several hours at our friends house in their pool. A portion of the swim time was in the rain – very unusual for Arizona but very enjoyable for the kids. Bennett is in the super scary pool stage. He’s mobile enough and sneaky enough that we have to watch him like a hawk, plus he’s sneaky enough that he is drawn to putting his hand in the pool. I hate this stage!

We followed up with a BBQ with Steve’s brother and his son.

BBQ corn, brats, strawberries and dip, spicy guacamole and jello. Yes festive jello:

The nice thing about the age of our kids is we don’t have to spend a whole lot on fireworks. They are totally happy and content with a couple boxes of pop-its and some sparklers.

Because of the historically cool day, we opted to take the kids to watch some fireworks. Usually its so sticky and hot, it’s not worth the cranky kids. But it was 80 degrees and slightly breezy and slightly perfect.

However, this morning I’ve got three tired kids, two of which can’t seem to control their tears and I’m second guessing our slightly perfect evening!