Me: Leave Bennett alone – Stop bugging him. Better yet, you need to go upstairs for rest time.

Hunter: I don’t want to go to rest time.

Me: Get upstairs for rest time, we’re not discussing it.

Hunter: (major meltdown, screaming, tears, fist throwing) I already told you I’m not tired, I’m not going to rest time.

Me: The fit you’re throwing says otherwise. Now. Go.

Hunter: I don’t want to go to rest time, you can’t make me.

At this point I left the room. I was done listening to the screaming and if he told me he’s not tired one more time in his whiney/tired voice I was going to scream and cry myself. I didn’t re-enter the room for an hour and I found this:

I feel like I won. He fell asleep. But he probably thinks he won – he never went upstairs to rest time. He made it up a stair, but decided his legs were too tired to move on.