There is a special birthday in our house today. We’re celebrating this guy:

Not only do I love him because he knows how to work the camera but he also makes a mean Mickey Mouse pancake. I kid not.

A few interesting facts about Steve:
His favorite meal is the chicken flyer saucer from Tia Rosas and he makes it a game to see how many containers of salsa he can swindle when picking up his meal.

He is number 8 of 9 kids and by far his mother’s favorite. (This may or my not be speculation, we’re awaiting confirmation.)

His Saturday shirt is a BYU-Idaho Under Armor shirt.

He eats his oreos with a fork. He sticks a fork in the cream portion and soaks it in a glass of milk and then eats it. He doesn’t like to get his fingers in the milk!

His athletic career really peaked in the six-grade when his class relay team took first place for the third year in a row.

His favorite book series to date is “The Great Brain”.

He has OCD tendencies and follows a very strict shower routine.

During his two years in Peru he got worms which he describes as a really good experience! 🙂

His high school car was a Geo Prizm that he shared with his mother.

He took first place in diving for the City of Mesa when he was 8 years old. He had a promising career ahead of him, but with swimsuit mandates being a speedo, he made the decision to retire early.

He is responsible for selling 4 million satin-trim camis during his time at Kohls.

We are so happy to be celebrating this uniquely funny, good looking and sensitive man!