Or half-birthday…whatever.

Yes, we celebrate half birthdays around here, or at least we celebrate my half birthday! Christmas is crazy enough as it is, throwing a birthday in there isn’t very fun. Especially for a husband who absolutely dreads having to purchase gifts for Christmas and then my birthday. So a June birthday is what I have now and I love it!

Breakfast in bed never disappoints. Steve and the kids then made me compete in minute-to-win-it competitions for my gifts. I’m not sure what was more fun – the gifts or the activities completed to get them. It was fun.

After that, the day was mine to enjoy. Steve agreed to whatever I wanted to do. I threw out the idea of painting Hallie’s room. He questioned that I would want to do that on my birthday. Seriously – why in the world would he question me on that? Does he know me? Of course, we painted Hallie’s room. For the first time in this house, Steve was holding the paint brush!

Steve also gave me a future full-day of projects and a depot gift card, without children. That is true love!
I made an impromptu trip to the mall which turned out more successful than a could’ve imagined considering my latest clothing debacle! Steve referred to it as a birthday miracle!

We ended the night with a trip to frozen yogurt and night swimming with the kids. Birthdays are awesome. I think they’re so awesome, I’ll celebrate my half and real birthday this year!!