Our summer is slowly winding down and the kids are taking full advantage of all their free time.

They hop in the pool in the morning.
Hop out for lunch.
Hop in after rest time.
Hop out to clean up the house before dad gets home.

They always stay in their swimsuits with a hope that after dinner they can hop back in. This is just about our daily schedule these days. I’m okay with it, the kids seem to enjoy it. But the downfall is they always look like little rag muffins with their chlorine stained hair.

The other day I needed to run to the store in the afternoon and I realized it would take nearly a half hour just to get them all in presentable condition for my two minute run to the store. And even in presentable condition Bennett doesn’t have pants on! Thats just how we roll around here.

I came across this picture of Hallie. She was my light tester one afternoon and really this picture does not do justice as to just how unkempt she looked! I loved her classic “Hallie” expression, it is totally her and I zoomed in on her. However, you really can’t get the whole picture. The scraggly hair, the mismatched outfit with her swimsuit on underneath (of course with wet lines defining where her swimsuit was wet) and shoeless, always shoeless. If this doesn’t scream summer I don’t know what does.

Of course, a picture of me on any given day would probably look similar – minus the swimsuit!