My obsessions with scorpions was made apparent when I realized how successful I was as a scorpion hunter. (here)

Of course, then my dreams played tricks on me and suddenly scorpions had invaded my bedroom! (here)

No more than a week later – Steve informed me a scorpion walked past his barefoot in the bathroom. It sent chills up my spine, they’re so creepy looking. And it made me a little nervous. Luckily, we haven’t seen anything since, but I regularly take my blacklight at night and search our bedroom/bathroom. (this is also helpful to see where the bathroom needs to be cleaned better!!) Steve has this crazy rationale that it would be better to just get a scorpion bite now then you wouldn’t dread it for the rest of your life. Seriously?? No, I would rather go my whole life, see them a couple times and never get bit.

Fast forward to today…

Early this morning Bennett was screaming. I went to him and found him completely soaked through his diaper. I quickly changed out his sheets and gave him a quick bath and hopped back into bed just before five. I typically sleep on my right side, but Steve was asking questions about Bennett so I turned to my left side and put my hand under my pillow. I felt something that I knew shouldn’t belong there. My heart started beating faster even though I knew it was nothing that could harm me based on how it felt. I pulled out a small plastic sign and turned it to the little light that was coming through our window.

“Beware of the scorpion”.

I threw it across the room and started hitting Steve repeatedly. He laughed uncontrolably next to me as my heart slowed to its normal pace. He thought I would come across it in the middle of the night, not realizing he would be awake for my reaction. Just having to look at that creepy picture that early in the morning made me shiver.

I have a feeling this little sign will be a permanent member of our family. Who knows where Steve is going to find this next!!