I mentioned that on our most recent trip to Idaho, Steve flew home after the reunion and I stayed longer with my sister-in-law and her kids. We spent a total of 22 hours together in the car and I’m happy to report it was successful. Steve really pushed the idea of us traveling together because that meant he didn’t have to fly back up to Idaho to drive us back. I was all for it but once I started to think through all the logistics; car seats, luggage, a lot of children…it made me a little nervous. But we did it.

22 hours worth of road trip=

3 total days worth of traveling (one at the beginning of the trip, two at the end)

4 potty breaks

1 scream “Hunter is licking me”

2 ginormous boxes of goldfish crackers

5 hours of nintendo DS

1 really stinky diaper

13 different movies; approximately 21.5 hours of screen time

18 peanut butter/nutella sandwiches

2 hours of peace and quiet while the children enjoyed some “magic candy” (dramamine)

645 “MOM” screams

1 sick kid

11 duffel bags and 1 suitcase

5 chapters of my audio book, Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson

1 Stop at Mcdonalds

3 large bags of candy

5 backpacks full of treasure

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had made it out in my mind, thank heavens. My sister-in-law and I are much different travelers generally speaking so we both made some compromises. She would’ve had less PB sandwiches, I wouldn’t have done happy meals. She would’ve stopped more and given the kids more drinks, I would’ve stopped less. She would’ve packed more, I am light packer. But we made it and we’re still speaking. In fact she stayed at our house for several days after and I would’ve taken them a week longer if I could have. Call me crazy – but I’d do it again. Probably not anytime soon, but it was fun and I’m sure it is a trip our kids will always remember.