This is what Saturdays look like around our house (sometimes we get our kids out of pajamas, but not always!):

The blower is nearly larger than Hallie herself – in fact, Steve has to help hold it up in the back so she doesn’t topple over backwards.

She begs every Saturday morning to help with the yard work. She knows very well, a morning of yard work equals a trip to Circle K for drinks with dad, plus the blower is pretty fun to use.

Hunter tries to get in on the action as well, anything for a Gatorade! Picking up oranges is way below his level. Instead he insists on operating the lawn mower, which is two times his height. He loves making circles with the lawn mower as he giggles with delight.

Right now it’s more work than it’s worth, but hopefully all this training will pay off when Steve doesn’t have to do the lawns anymore!!