We had my brother and his family with us for a couple days while they were in AZ for a family reunion. June-August is not typically a good time for people to come visit. The weather can be downright miserable and most people can’t handle the heat. It was the same for us in Milwaukee December-February – visiting hours were always closed!

But since my brother’s family was forced to be here on other business, we took full advantage of their time with us. Although it was roasty toasty, we went for a fun bike ride with our friends awesome Madsen bike. We rode around the neighborhood and ended up at a friends house letting our children use their fantastic water slide.

With the weather as warm as it was, we didn’t have a whole lot of options aside from water activities. We spent the afternoon swimming in the pool, diving board contests and a rousing game of water basketball. We were good and pruney by the time we finished three and a half hours later!

We spent enough time in the pool over several days that by the time they left, their kids were little fishies! The kids are completely missing their swimming buddies!