Arizona has an arena football league – the Rattlers. What is arena football you ask? Good question, I’m not totally sure. I do know it’s an indoor football league that is played on a smaller than normal football field…that’s all I got!

We got tickets through an entertainment pass we purchased for three games. Somehow I missed all three, but not without sending two of the kids with Steve to one of them. Let’s be serious, sometimes a night to myself (while one child sleeps) is more entertaining than any football league would be!

But Steve came home after each game raving about how much fun he had. He told stories of crazy people watching and completed passes that were deemed incomplete when a fan reached over the edge and knocked the ball from their hands. Clearly more relaxed than our traditional football league!

Two of the games were playoff games and from Steve’s description they were rather intense. They had great seats, he was with his brother and his kids and he was at a sporting event. Heaven. Hunter was a little young to enjoy all the action but he enjoyed netflix and a bag of popcorn. Like a good husband, he knew I would want some pictures:

You can see from that first picture just how close the audience is to the sidelines, there really isn’t any room to run out of bounds. No wonder why fans have opportunities to strip the ball!