We have a good sized wall in our bedroom that needed some attention. We have an older refinished dresser on the wall, but it’s much shorter than dressers are today, so I had even more space to work with.

I started with a canvas that I designed:

It sat leaning against the wall for several months because I was unsure as to what else I would group with it. Then I hung the canvas and a couple other pieces. But it wasn’t complete. So I built the shelf (here) to add some dimension and color. But it still needed more and it sat unfinished for another two months. I was tired of looking at a semi-finished wall so I decided it was finally time to finish it. Steve quickly acknowledged that he liked the finished product!

Here’s the supply list:

Old window with knobs from Hobby Lobby – I hang necklaces from them

Gray frame – Spray painted Ikea frame – picture of Nauvoo temple

Yellow frame – Spray painted Ikea frame – No place like home print I designed

Black frame – Hobby lobby, Pottery Barn Kids letter covered in paper

White shadow boxes – Target (one houses the original book that Steve and I started reading together while we were dating – the other has pictures from our honeymoon)

Gray Shelf – I built

Yellow vases – Crate and Barrel

Canvas – I designed

Wire balls – west elm