We take birthdays very seriously around here, something to really be celebrated.

Steve’s requested birthday breakfast: A bike-ride to the local grocery store for doughnuts and flavored milk.

We spent the morning/afternoon at a waterpark with Steve’s brother’s family. We went down slides, paid for crappy food and did whatever we could to keep Bennett happy, he was miserable there for awhile!

We closed the day with Steve’s favorite home cooked meal – pulled pork burritos – with friends, while we enjoyed the opening ceremonies for the olympics.

As a sidenote: I wanted to throw a fantastic olympic themed party in honor of Steve’s birthday. Really, how many times in your lifetime does the opening ceremonies fall on your birthday?? The ideas were flowing and it was going to be awesome. But Steve had a different plan. He wanted nothing to do with a large party. He pulled the “It’s my birthday, and if I don’t want a party we’re not having one” card. How lame is that?