We have a sneaky little boy. He’s been known to hide food in the covers of his bed, corners of deep closets and underneath the treadmill. Very rarely do we catch him in the midst of a heist, but Hallie does we she can to patrol him.

We were all outside this evening. Hallie, who has eyes like a hawk notices something slightly different about Hunter.

Hallie: Why are your lips blue?

Hunter: They’re not.

Hallie: Mom, why do you think his lips are blue?

She always likes to involve me to make sure Hunter receives the correct punishment, but I didn’t have the fight in me tonight so I brushed it off.

Hallie: Seriously Hunter what did you eat?

Hunter: Nothing

Hallie: I can see your lips are blue.

Hunter now starts to realize Hallie is going to figure it out. Hunter responded quickly.

Hunter: Um…(looking around), I just put my lips on the blue trash can (recycling bin) and it must have come off on my lips.

Hallie looked at me with the most skeptical face, I bust up laughing.

To say he stretches the truth would be a flat out lie…

Let it be known Hallie is relentless and it didn’t take her long before she figured out that Hunter had snuck a gatorade. She made sure to let me know like any good patrol woman would!