We bought a wii years ago. We used it a lot the first year as Steve and my brother would play each other over the internet. Then life got busy and the wii became nothing more than a way to watch netflix.

At the time, our kids were pretty young and it didn’t really interest them, but when we moved, we packed it with us for our temporary housing. Somehow, our games didn’t make the move with us and they were packed in our long term storage. So we used the wii strictly for netflix.

Once we unpacked all of our stuff, we still couldn’t find the one game the kids would be interested in playing – mario kart. We owned it and yet we searched every dvd case and it never showed up. We didn’t have any other the games that were really kid friendly, so once again, the wii was strictly to watch movies.

Just a few weeks ago, a friend was over and by some miracle came across our Mario Kart within all of our movies. Our kids, although never having played it, were ecstatic at the idea of a kids game for the wii. So one morning before school started I let them play each other. They had so much fun. I was cracking up watching them. Hunter is awful and spends the majority of the race going the wrong way, but he was giggling the whole time trying to catch up with Hallie.

It has become their new favorite incentive. The other day, Hunter was racing Hallie. He tends to be very mobile as he races the course and he continually stepped in front of Hallie as he made a turn.

Hallie: Hunter, stop doing that. Stop stepping in front of me, I can’t see.

Hunter: But I have to, I have to win.

As if stepping in front of her will result in his car being in front of her, too funny.