And just like that, summer is over.

Summer in the sense of vacation – not referring to the dog days. We’ve still got plenty of those ahead of us, but school is starting!

Gone are our late night swims.

Or lounging in our pajamas until lunch time.

Morning bike rides. (yes, in our pajamas!)

Daily craft projects.

Or kitchen dance parties.

Life is changing.

But then it hit me. I can still carry on as usual with all of our routines, we’ll just be missing this sweet girl, my wingman:

Who arguably has the most personality in the house!

She’s the one who instigates our craft projects or turns up the music extremely loud in the kitchen, or dresses Bennett in a tutu. She’s fun.

But of course, her going to school definitely has it’s advantages! I can’t count how many times I hear her high pitched voice scream, “Hunter, stop it!” or “Hunter hit me”. It gets old. Usually by 7:15am its old. She’s also always asking what are we going to do next. All day long!

It’ll be nice to send her to school where a teacher can try and keep her busy all day long! And then she gets to come home to my open arms and tell me about every single detail of her day with all the animation and excitement of a first grader. I can’t wait!