Please excuse these fantastic iPhone pictures – sometimes that’s the only camera on me, I suppose it’s better than nothing!

Going into first grade, Hallie didn’t need a whole lot. She had a backpack from last year and has plenty of clothes. We bought her school supplies several weeks ago so we wouldn’t have to worry about it last minute. Ironically, Hallie came to me at the end of last week wondering when we were going to go shopping. She was bummed to learn that she didn’t need anything so shopping wasn’t on the the agenda even though all of her friends were shopping. Keeping up with the Jones’ starts at such a young age!

I decided to take her with me while I ran errands and she was more than happy with the Auntie Anne’s pretzel of her choice.

I then gave her full reign of today – her last day of freedom.

She wanted to start the day swimming – however the pool was being worked on…so she shot for the moon and asked to play mario kart on the wii. She was beside herself when I agreed, I had to let her play – it was her day. We then went and picked out a new shirt for her, even though she didn’t really need it. Once again, it was her day!

Surprise, surprise…She chose McDonalds for lunch with cousins:

I was unaware that they had chocolate dipped cones which of course they all wanted, they ended up being twice as messy as the regular cone and Hunter kept throwing his chocolate chunks away. Clearly it was not appreciated like I thought it would be.

Hallie spent the rest of the afternoon playing with her cousin.

She was over the moon writing her name on all of her supplies this evening as she put them in her bag. She then exclaimed with excitement, “I don’t think I’ll even be able to sleep tonight, I’m so excited. Do you think I can sleep?”

I love this stage!