I got my latest Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail and wouldn’t you know it, Halloween costumes are out in full force.

Now some may say that it is a little early but in my opinion it’s never too early.

In fact that’s a philosophy I live by when buying costumes. Years ago when I worked at PBKids I purchased tons of costumes on closeout (over the course of the years I worked there). I bought a wide variety of sizes and boy/girl options. Yes, that may seem a little eccentric, but my kids are still wearing new costumes and will for at least two more years. At the end of every season as we package up the costume box, Hallie and Hunter rummage through and decide what they want to be the following year. They talk about it all year long and come October, we pull that box back out and they quickly pull out their costumes. There are enough options that they will often sneak a different costume in for one of the 10 parties they attend during the season. I love it.

However, every time that fall catalog shows up in my mailbox I’m so tempted to pick up a couple more. But that would be over doing it, wouldn’t it? I would hate to be overly eccentric. I’ll just stick with what I have. Unless there happens to be a screaming after season sale and then I’ll think about it. Have I mentioned I love Halloween?

In fact, we’re nearing September, which means any of the Halloween projects I want to tackle I’ve got to get started on. Time is running out. I so badly wanted to create a series of tall haunted house cutouts to place in the front yard. I kept telling myself this is the year to do it. It’s totally going to take away from house projects, but it’s probably a worthy cause.