My favorite time to take the kids out to the pool is just after dinner.

• The pool is shaded at that time which means we can skip the sun screen lathering.

• Steve is around to help entertain the kids in the pool and he has an endless supply of pool games/activities.

• Swimming before bedtime is just enough to wear them all out!

Bennett makes it approximately 15 minutes before he’s too much to handle and we put him to bed. But he’s all smiles for 13 of those minutes!

That swimcap cracks me up every time I see her in it and she wears it every time she’s in the pool. She doesn’t wear it because she thinks its cool or that she will one day be an olympic star. No, I’m the one that forces the swimcap. Brushing through her long tangled hair after swimming is enough to make one crazy.

It used to be a huge fight and there were tears on both sides. I dreaded allowing her in the pool because I knew what would follow.

Now, its easy peasy! Of course, whenever we’re with a group swimming she’s the only one wearing a cap and she starts to question why she has to wear one. She quickly changes her tune when I remind her of how awfully tangled and green her hair becomes! I tell her when she can brush through her hair herself she can skip the cap. Or if she would prefer a shorter hairstyle. Neither option has transpired!