I’m not sure anyone would claim proficiency in toilet training, even after training several kids. Each kid is so different and each round can have vastly different outcomes. I’ve trained one girl and one boy and although they were different the feeling of accomplishment was the same when we would go a whole day without an accident.

Hunter has been trained for quite a while and I thought I was a genius when I trained him to sit down. This worked so well and it kept our bathrooms relatively clean. Of course there was an incident at the park where I realized standing up would have it’s advantages but I had him trained.

However, recently that changed. I’m not sure if Hunter initiated it or if Steve was tired of a boy sitting to go to the bathroom, but somewhere along the way, without my approval Hunter was taught to stand. The time I had to spend cleaning the bathrooms increased significantly and I was more than a little annoyed. I cut him some slack because we had reverted back to the “training stage”. But it seemed as though it got worse without getting any better. Yet I cleaned and cleaned some more.

Right before going to Kaytlin’s wedding I was cleaning up the house and getting things packed, and every time I walked into the bathroom I was overcome with the smell. I cleaned the toilet and thought that would take care of it. But hours later it still smelled. I started investigating a little more and realized the whole wall next to the toilet was covered in urine. Fantastic. The corner of the bathroom floor was covered as well. If my calculations are correct, there’s no way it was bad aim. Too far off course!

I quickly cleaned the wall and floor and in the process moved the toilet bowl brush and holder. Upon moving it I realized it had a lot of liquid in it. Not water. I’m sure of it. It hit me: Hunter has been using the brush holder as a toilet and in the process managed to soak the wall and floor. I was more than disgusted and even more annoyed now that I knew it was intentional. I assured Steve, since he was the one that “trained” him that he better retrain him or else Steve will be cleaning some toilets…and walls…and floors…and brush holders…and showers…yes even showers!