And just like that Bennett finally decided to act his age and start walking!

Yes, he is 15 1/2 months old and just took his first steps. The celebration that took place might have been slightly over the top but man were we happy and he seemed pretty pleased with himself as well.

You forget how fun it is to watch a kid start walking. He’s got his hands in the air. He leans slightly to the right as he tries to regain balance. He looks slightly buzzed from his milk coma just a short while before which may or may not be affecting his balance. As he gets close to someone, with all the trust in the world, he falls forward into their arms. We have learned that Hunter isn’t as quick to catch him as the rest of us are, yet time and time again Bennett walks over to him and falls into him.

It’s been just a couple days and he thinks he’s pretty hot stuff and he knows how to put on a show. And although I’ve seen him do it several times now, I get just as excited as the first time. The thought of not having to scrub his filthy knees every night is icing on the cake.