We spent last week in Utah for my sister’s wedding – my only sister – my younger sister.

The same sister that has lived with us on two different occasions in three different houses. One of which was the dark and dingy laundry room while we lived in our 1950 ranch style, Milwaukee home, I kid not! It didn’t phase her because she chose to live with us again later on. She has slept in the laundry room. The office. And by the time we moved into our current home she graduated to her own bedroom and bathroom! We have loved our time with her in our home. Life changing for our relationship for sure, so I was so excited for her to join the married stage with me.

There was something so satisfying about helping to plan her wedding without the stress of it being my own wedding!

We rented a home (from the website vrbo.com) for our entire family – much better than the alternative of staying in hotels. The kids enjoyed running around and spending time together, and the adults enjoyed conversations late into the night on the patio (and several games of our families card game, ripple!), while the children slept peacefully in their rooms. Those moments outside are some of my most treasured memories of the trip, something that wouldn’t have been possible in another set-up.

The wedding day itself, was a beautifully sunny and rather hot day. I found myself wiping my sweat across the back of my hand on numerous occasions, a little sticky to say the least! I enjoyed the little extra time I had with the new couple as I photographed them, so happy, so in love and so oblivious to all that was going on around them! Since neither one of them are actually from Utah, there was no reception that night, just a luncheon afterwards in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Where yours truly graced my sister with a musical number. No, that is not some sick joke. And no, I don’t sing, seriously. But my brother wrote a song and my sister sang it at my wedding, so naturally we had to reverse the roles. It was terrifying and more than a few leaps and bounds outside of my comfort zone and I am beyond thrilled that it is over. The things we do for those we love.

Hunter gave the whole event a solid thumb up! (got to love the cute friendship bracelet that the neighbor girl gave him that he refuses to take off!)