I spend a lot of time with the youth (ages 12-18) of our church. I teach them on Sundays and I spend every Wednesday night with them. We do service projects, we learn things together, we go on overnight trips (like here), we have a good time. It is a very large time commitment but I wouldn’t have it any other way, I adore every single one of them.

Before school started we enjoyed a trip to the lake as a group, we had a great time! I spent an hour and half taking girls around on seadoos, only two of which did I knock off completely, total accident. And you wouldn’t believe how sore I was afterwards – embarrassing to admit – every muscle from my arms to my thighs could feel it. It was an eye opener than I really should start working out. I’m pathetic. The most sore was my thumb, it was really hard work!

There was wakeboarding, and tubing. We used the dock for diving contests, and “king of the dock”. We could’ve stayed on that lake all night and enjoyed ourselves. It made me grateful all over again that I get to work with these guys!