of a four-year-old birthday boy.

Birthdays are very important and they are to be taken very seriously. As such we have documented all that a fourth birthday entails for one very excited little boy.

Upon waking up – Hunter was greeted with the birthday bucket; complete with his favorite cereal, pop-tarts, candy and a small toy.

The birthday could have ended right there and he would’ve been happy.

But the day must go on…
Isn’t it every kid’s dream to go to school on their birthday. All the attention and love is enough to make any kid explode! He was in charge of snack today:

He came home from preschool beaming. Not only did he bring the snack, but he was also the teacher’s helper, they sang to him, gave him a shnazzy hat and a slew of little trinkets:

As he walked up the stairs after preschool I told him to pick any place for lunch, after a cute fist pump and a “yes” he stated McDonalds was his choice. Shocker.

A nutritious lunch was followed by play land. Once again – a child’s dream…at least my children’s dream. It is a rare occasion and he loved every minute.

After a brief “rest time” we had a visit from some cousins who brought Hunter a special treat:

We shot our annual growth chart picture (which shows he’s a good three inches taller than Hallie at the same age):

As soon as Steve was home from work we celebrated with cake and presents. We have a slew of decorative cake pans but it came as no surprise he chose cars.

This is the face of a boy that sees a bike coming down the sidewalk just for him. His exact words, “What the…”, it was pretty cute:

And that my friends is how we do a fourth birthday. I think I saw 10 fist pumps from him today, it was that good of a day. And the fun doesn’t end – he is talking non-stop about his first friend party this Saturday. Birthday weeks are awesome!