There was a good chunk of time that we were worried about Bennett’s mobility. He had broken his hip – he didn’t move at all, no rolling, no crawling. We worked and worked with him and not too long ago we finally got him walking. It was a joyous day, a day we had worked hard for. We took video and laughed with him as he became excited. Then the newness of walking wore off and all the sudden all this mobility is not working out to my benefit! He spends a lot of time upstairs getting into things he shouldn’t – the kid has a permanent toothpaste ring around his lips!

Walking is old hat, so climbing has become the new craze. I always find him on top of the kitchen table. Just sitting, holding his blanket. I take him off, he climbs back up. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 15 times a day, maybe 20. By the time Hallie comes home from school, I’m numb to it. “Mom, Bennett is on the table, you have to get him off.” Eehh…whatever.

He also loves the bathtub. Once he hears the water running, he is there, making sure he gets in on the action. The other day, Steve drew a bath for Hunter and let him play for a bit. Bennett was there in no time and wouldn’t you know it, he was bound and determined to have a bath himself.

It’s really quite scary – he’s at the “have no fear” stage and it’s killing me. Just when I think I’ve blocked/barricaded anything with potential danger, he finds something new. It’s a losing battle, he’s bound to hurt himself. I pray the damage is minimal.