Hallie’s been in school for a month now. As soon as Hunter saw her walk out that door for school he started asking about his school. Sadly, his didn’t start weeks after Hallie. As a benchmark we told him he would start after Kaytlin’s wedding. Kaytlin’s wedding came and went and he still didn’t start. Someone asked him last week when he was going to start going to school and he said proudly, “After Kaytlin’s wedding.”

I started thinking; Hunter has no idea what a wedding is. Yes, he knew that we went and stayed in a really fun house with all of his cousins and he saw his aunt Kaytlin, but for all he knows, it was a family reunion.

On Monday, I finally broke the news that he was going to school in two days. You know with kids, you don’t want to tell them until the last moment or else you won’t hear about anything else.

The day finally arrived and he was so excited to get dressed this morning. He had his backpack (that his teacher made for him) on long before it was time to walk out the door. He kept talking about his friend Jack that was going to be in his school and how they were going to play together. He had all these grand ideas that Hallie had put in his head of what he was going to do and he was totally ready. He even made sure to let Bennett know that he was going to be gone for a while, “But don’t worry I’ll come back home to play.”

Day 1 was a success. He came home so excited about his new school and that they get computer time. (Seriously, I was in Junior High before I got computer time!!). I’m excited for him to have some time with his friends from the ward, and I’m excited to have my time with Bennett. Although Bennett cried the whole time Hunter was gone today, I’m optimistic that he’ll forget that Hunter was once with him in the mornings and hopefully learn to help do the laundry or at least pick up food off the kitchen floor. He needs to start pulling his weight around here!