Last Saturday we were riding our bikes as a family home from our morning donut run when out of the blue, Steve asks, “What’s your plan if I die?”

It was totally a random question – especially on a casual bike ride – but it was something I had thought about before. Not too long ago, we were adding additional life insurance and they asked us a series of questions about our lifestyle to determine how much insurance we should carry. I walked away from the insurance meeting with a heavy heart. I prayed with all my heart that I would never have to use that insurance that I would spend years paying for. But the topic weighed heavy on me and I started to think what I would do if I was in a situation that left me a widow. I mapped it all out in my mind as to how I would function (at least at this stage in my life, clearly it’s a plan that changes as life changes!) and once I did that, my mind was at ease.

So when Steve asked the question, I had my answer ready. (He was slightly concerned as to how quickly I was able to answer the question!!) We spent the rest of our bike ride on this topic. First, we discussed my plan of action and then we discussed Steve’s plan. Our plans weren’t overly detailed, but generally speaking. What I would do for work. What Steve would do with the kids. What would become of our house. How would the kids see their grandparents. It was a great conversation; not one you have everyday, but definitely worthwhile.

Just a week later, yesterday, we received news of the death of someone in our church congregation and neighborhood. A young father lost his life in a tragic bicycle accident – leaving behind a wife and three kids. My heart ached. Words can’t describe the sorrow I feel for this family and the rough road that lies ahead of them. Ironically enough, just 7 months ago this same congregation and neighborhood lost another father and husband to a tragic bicycle accident.

It was painful to attend church this morning. I looked over a crowd of people, whom we love, who had empty, swollen eyes. It looked like the same scene from just a few months ago. We are reliving the same tragedy with a different family.

I was immediately taken back to the conversation Steve and I had just one week prior. It seems so crazy to discuss a life in which neither one of hopes to live. Although it’s not something we like to dwell on, we realize it’s a possibility. We were reminded of that yet again yesterday.

Life is fragile. Life is precious. Life can be taken at anytime.

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