Projects are a slow and steady process in these parts. My grand dreams and plans are checked off the list at a startling slow pace – but things are getting checked off.

Steve is warming up to the idea of a home in need of a little TLC – and it took less than a year! In the middle of last week he came to me and said, “What project do you need some help with this weekend – I’m game.” After I picked my jaw up from off the ground I let my mind race as to what project I wanted help on. The list was ongoing but I finally stopped myself and started thinking – what wouldn’t take forever? (I would hate to turn him off to projects so early in our journey!)

It came to me quickly – I had all the supplies already (and had them for 7 months) -Hunter’s room needed painted. Our “one room a month theory” has spaced out the painting projects considerably but we were due for a new room.

Steve did the major leg work on the room and was done in no time. I was able to come through a couple days later and do all the cutting in and detail work. We make a good team.

I had my own agenda for the weekend – a building project. I watched the kids while Steve painted and once he was finished I was outside building away. I’m 95% finished – just a few details left and it is fantastic. Here’s a teaser: