My nephew Paxton called me and asked me to shoot some photos for his homecoming group date this last weekend. I am always a sucker for shooting photos- especially people that are all dressed up. But more importantly I love helping my nieces and nephews. Just the fact that he was willing to have his aunt be a part of his evening is awesome. I eat that stuff up. Paxton in particular is just great- I’d do just about anything to help him out and I love that I get to know his friends. The night we shot photos, they were all sorts of fun:

Paxton and his date:




As everyone left and filed into their cars – these two lovely ladies happened upon two small frogs in the grass. And naturally, in their semi-formal attire, they picked them up. It was comical to watch them as they attempted to hold them for a picture. One kept jumping out of the hand just as they got ready. You can see in this picture it hopped right onto her arm:

From what I hear the dance did not disappoint – as you can see, they guys clearly know how to have a good time!