It doesn’t matter how lame the parade is – if they throw candy, it’s a win in every kids book. So although the 9 minute high school homecoming parade this weekend was far from anything glorious, they threw candy. We were supporting our neice who is a cheerleader for the high school. Sadly enough, I never saw her. I think I saw every other cheerleader, but not her. Oh well. I’m sure she was fantastic.

The kids could care less who was in the parade, they were in it for the goods and spending time with their cousins. It’s probably a toss up as to which they prefer; cousins or candy.

This guy is awfully fond of Jaylee. She knows just how to snuggle him and give him just the right amount of attention. Obviously, he eats it up! He knows a pretty lady when he sees one!

Major bummer of the night: the ant hill we just happened to be standing next too. I realized I had ants crawling all over me and I quickly brushed them off and moved to another area. But they followed me and I had several bites. They itched like crazy and immediately they started to swell. (I swear I’m allergic to anything that bites because I swell at the smallest mosquito bite as well.) I dealt with the pain the best I could throughout the night. Around 2 o’clock in the morning, Hunter comes into our room complaining his legs hurt. We take a gander and he has bites all over his legs. 20-30 on each leg!! The poor guy was miserable and itching like crazy.

The first thing that came to my mind…the candy was totally not worth all the itching!