Sometimes (most times) my projects go on for much longer than I expected. I think it stems from a small idea that starts to snowball into something much larger, which of course requires more time. This happens to be one of those projects. I decided to build a couple of benches (details to come) which then required a transformation of the whole wall.

I meticulously measured all of our frames (from our old house). Using Adobe Illustrator I mapped them out on the wall to scale. Once I had my diagram, I cut out craft paper to size and taped them on the wall.

With the paper on the wall, I was able to measure the hanging point from the frame on to my paper. I nailed right through the paper and then tore it away. Easy peasy.

Now I just need to update some rather old family pictures that shows we only have one child! We’ll see how long it sits unfinished while I go ahead and start another project!