Labor day, we labored – it’s tough work riding our bikes to the grocery store to gorge ourselves on donuts!

Then it was off to the movies for Steve and the kids, while I stayed home with the sleeping giant. I was more than grateful for the moments I had to myself. There was little on my agenda to start with, but I sure made the best use of my time. I cleaned and detailed. I emptied boxes that sat for too long – I organized drawers. Just when I thought the giant was going to wake…he gave me another 1/2 hour of precious time. Man alive I love my husband for taking the kids (not just to the movies, but to the halloween store and even to Sonic) and to Bennett for taking one of his longest naps. I labored. And I loved it.

We spent the afternoon with family enjoying some swim time and bbq. Swim season is coming to an end. The nights start to cool just a bit and the pool temperature drops quickly. By this time next year we’re hoping this guy is a little fish: