This guy is feeling a little lonely now that his sister is in school and his brother started preschool.

He walks around the house whining and crying going through each room only to end up at my feet as I’m folding laundry or sweeping the kitchen. I can sit down and play with him and immediately he’s happy and content. The minute I stand up – he’s back at it with the whining and screaming. I had looked forward to the day that Hunter would go to school – I didn’t think of the downside of Bennett losing a playmate/antagonist.

But when he’s happy, he lights up the room!

He’s painfully attached to his swaddle blankets. These blankets are drug all over the place! We have a rotation of four of them but at times he gets his hands on multiple blankets and hoards them in his bed.

He just learned how to stand up in the middle of a room which has eliminated most crawling.

He has a high pitch scream that is deafening. The type of scream that you want to give him whatever he wants to get him quiet!!

He likes most food put in front of him, but really likes peanut butter and jelly.

He’s got the flirty eyes down – and he uses them effectively with older ladies.

He hates to be alone. If he realizes no one is in the room with him, he wanders until he finds someone.

He’s still in a rear-facing car seat (which they recommend until age 2) but his legs are so long we won’t be able to keep him that way for much longer.

He still doesn’t use words to communicate- we’re hoping it’s just around the corner.

He loves to be tickled and has the most contagious laugh.

He has mastered the most dramatic and sad cry when you tell him no – it’s comical.

He likes to carry around little cars and trains and make sounds for them.

We’re counting down the weeks until he goes to nursery at church!