I’ve been building for 2 years and yet it always amazes me that something like this:

Can turn into something like this:

I’ve been saying for 8 months that I wanted to build a headboard for the guest room. And when Steve recently axed my life-size haunted house idea, my fall back plan was a bed. I had put it off for a while because I just wasn’t sure what kind of bed I wanted. And then one day while surfing pinterest, I saw a bed that my friend Laura had pinned.

It was perfect and just what the room needed. But for the life of me, I couldn’t find the original source for the photo. I was hoping to find some plans to build the headboard. I looked on and off for over a month when I happened upon the original source. I wanted this bed that cost over $2000:


At first I had plans to build a headboard – but when I saw the entire bed I knew I couldn’t just stop at the headboard!

I got it all set up this morning and immediately upon setting it up I realized I wanted to see more of the headboard – I may be removing the boxspring in the next couple days like the first picture above…we’ll see. Steve says he likes it how it is, but something tells me he’s just saying that because it’s already done and we don’t need to touch it again!!

I usually follow someone else’s plans which I would then link to here – but I created this bed from scratch which means I should supply the plan. I’m awful at plans and the details of what I did…I’d much rather just build and forget about the camera. But I’m working on writing something up- we’ll see if I actually finish it.

I completed this bed just 7 days shy of my two and a half week goal – I can start on another project that much sooner! 🙂