My pandora stations are priceless to me. I’ve spent years training my stations to play just what I like. I have stations for every mood I could ever be in and I love that it’s always at my fingerprints. Over the past few years the amount of advertisements has increased significantly. At first there was just a little banner ad and then before long there were full commercials interrupting my songs. I understand I use the free version of Pandora so I have no problem with the commercials – obviously they’ve never bothered me enough to pay the minimal yearly fee to listen without them!

But seriously the marketing people there need to be fired. They have so much ammunition at their fingertips to target ads towards me. I’m sure they’ve got a data mine full of everything I have ever listened to. They know my stations, they know when I listen to those stations. There’s even a profile I’ve filled out to better help them target ads to me. And as smart as the developers are in order to map millions of similar songs- they seemingly only use my location to target ads.

For quite a while I had Milwaukee as my location. The most played ad on all of my stations: Black single dating service. I knew the ad so well I could repeat it word for word. They played the same exact ad for almost a year, no joke. I was finally annoyed enough that I decided I would change my location to Arizona. Any guesses as to the new stream of ads…that’s a great question I ask myself. You see, I can’t understand a single ad because they are all in spanish. One quick look at my playlists would tell you I don’t speak spanish because there is not a single song in all of my 35 playlists that’s in another language.

Real funny Pandora – you’ve got some jokesters in the marketing department. I like to think what the ads would be if I lived in other parts of the country…