Hallie’s front tooth has been wiggly for a while. It wasn’t until her friend lost her tooth last week that Hallie insisted her tooth come out. Steve tested the waters and quickly realized it was a long ways from coming out. He told her to work on it and they’d test it again later. She insisted. She wiggled and wiggled. And within just a few days, the tooth was ready to come out. She beamed Sunday night knowing that she would go to school the next day after fall break and show everyone her new smile:

She came home from school on Monday telling me about all the kids in her class who lost teeth over break. At this point I see that her other front tooth is loose and she’s wiggling it with her tongue. She wanted it out so bad, but just like the night before Steve tested the waters and wasn’t sure it was quite ready. She started wiggling it. I sent her to school the next morning with a special note written on her Rice Krispie treat telling her she better not lose her tooth at school. She came home that day with a smile a mile long. She was missing both her front teeth:

I can’t believe the other one fell out at school. She corrected me, it did not fall out. Her friend’s mom was sitting by her at lunch and could see she was wiggling it. She asked Hallie if she could pull it, Hallie of course obliged. So two front teeth gone in less than 48 hours. I admit I was a little sad to see them go. Here’s to years of awkwardness as a set of adult teeth try and make their way into a small child’s mouth!!