At Hunter’s birthday party we inadvertently introduced Bennett to possibly the worst imitation of food ever…cheese balls.

After our “launch the cannon” activity, we started opening presents and left Bennett with a bucket full of cheese balls. He went to town and was all smiles afterwards.

Of course, we still have half of that bucket sitting in the pantry. Bennett found it the other day and managed to sneak a few before I found him and I moved the bucket to a higher shelf. He cried and cried and threw himself on the floor. It was late in the afternoon and the “witching hour” was in full force. The whining and crying had finally pushed me far enough…I got the cheese balls down and gave him a plate of them, of course removing his shirt (we already have a nicely stained shirt from the first cheese ball fiasco). And wouldn’t you know it, he went from tears and tantrums to this:

Clearly, that is the face of a manipulator!