The best part of fall break with young children…low expectations. Really low. We came up with one or two “highlights” for the kids each day and they were ecstatic. We did park day:

We set up an obstacle course and timed them making it through. This went on for far longer than I expected.

We did art projects and decorated for Halloween.

We had sno-cone night at our friends house and enjoyed the cool evening weather.

We spent an evening together painting the family pumpkin and decorating it as a dinosaur.

We rode our bikes to frozen yogurt in our pajamas with our friends for pajama night.

We made special treats and had a movie night.

We went scorpion hunting with the kids. Hallie is just as into it as I am. Love her as my little sidekick.

We played with friends.

And our “camping trip” (here) was the perfect crowning event for a fun fall break.

I love how relaxed the whole week was and how easily excited the kids would get over seemingly simple activities, but I know it won’t last forever. Hallie is quickly catching on that Fall break for most people involves road trips and plane rides and so much more. But she’s still young enough that she quickly spouts off all the fun things she did over break to all her friends as if they were really big things. I suppose for her, they were big things. That’s why I love this age- they truly love everything about the simple life. Much to be learned from them.